High-Power Rocket AV-Bays

I have a few high-power rockets that I built.

  • GLR Escape Velocity – all-around high-power rocket, lots of space for electronics, camera, experiments, etc. Easily flies to 8,000 ft.
  • GLR Mariah 38 – rocket for high-altitude flights. Designed to break Mach-1 speed and reach 14,000 ft. Lots of compromises to achieve performance, skinny thin, tight space.

While body tubes and fins came from a kit, avionics bays were up to me to figure out. As usual, love to share results:

Escape Velocity

Avionics include two altimeters, PerfectFlite SL100 and Adept DDCS2, For redundancy, both altimeters are wired with no shared components.

Mariah 38

This rocket barely has space to fit Adept DDCS2 altimeter and Big Red Bee radio beacon. Ejection charge connections are wired to the outside of av-bay for convenience.

Thanks for looking!